Damage on offshore O&G fixed structures

Typical damage of bottom fixed offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico due to hurricanes. The platforms are damaged total loss as the allowable buckling stress is exceeded during the extreme weather conditions.

Damage of fixed offshroe structures in GoM

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Offshore Platform Protection

VizionZ Engineering provides a retro-fit system that improves and ensures the substructure stability under extreme loads in hurricane conditions. Jacket legs equipped with the system gain a significant increase in the allowable buckling stress. The system is configured to automatically switch on when extreme weather conditions are detected and ensure the strength and integrity of the jacket.


Offshore platform protection under extreme conditions (ULS) 



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Parametric study based on a CFD model. The dynamic characteristics of the subsea equipment design were evaluated for a range of different combinations of angles of attack and flow speeds.


 CFD Parametric Study subsea equipment


Based on the solution results, several distinctive load cases were selected and reviewed in detail.


CFD Parametric Study Subsea Equipment Vizualization

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Integrate, prcess and visualize multiple geospacial information sources. Interfacing with heterogeneous data sources to deliver: 

  • Location maps

  • Topographic, hydrographic, geological, environmental

  • 3D visualizations

  • Web based, interactive maps

  • Project mapping

GIS Data Layers GIS Multi-Layer Map generated with GPS and survey data





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We offer design and engineering services for the offshore wind and oil&gas industries or special structures, specializing in complex steel structures and foundations subject to wave, wind and/or mechanical loading. We deliver results from concept design to detailed design and documentation, but also redesign and evaluate existing installations.

Our capabilities cover all critical evaluations (static and dynamiclinear or non-linear) required for structures  and non-linear foundation design such as extreme loads, fatigue, modal and dynamic response analysis due to wind, current, and waves;  and special high-end analysis for severe accidental loadings such as  blast, ship impact, and structural collapse. This includes structures from steel (jackets, topsides) or aluminum (helidecks) andcomposites, with details from rubber (dampers) or plastic (wheels, bearings).




VizionZ Engineering calculates special structures (large/slender) with large deflections for the offshore industry, but also cranes and bridges. Including integrated calculations with hydro-and electro- driving and mechanical detail calculations of cylinders, shafts etc.

For cable laying ships, VizionZ Engineering provides calculations of the deck/ship integrity strength of the equipment structures.

We have experience with a broad range of offshore structures and foundations - monopiles, jackets and tripods or suction can/buckets – all in accordance with the international offshore-specific design codes and checks (EC, DNV and API). And all our work is done with industry standard CAE and FEM tools.


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We have experience and work with the following engineering tools:

MATLAB Simulink



  VizionZ Engineering BV - Services and Solutions.pdf